Home Cinema Source Equipment

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We are passionate about Home Cinema and always want the best equipment. We only recommend equipment that we feel comfortable with in our own homes, so relax and choose some of our favourite equipment for your home.

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Claritas 390AX

Home Theater PCs and Media Servers

A Home Theater PC (HTPC) offers many advantages as an entertainment centre. Play DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray movies, play games, surf the internet, play your music, attach your iPod, the list is endless. Buying one from TFX means you will get the Best Performance for the Best Value for Money.

Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

Stunning High Definition games and built-in Blu-ray support makes the Sony Playstation® 3 the number one console to get. Not only does it give you the very latest Next Generation Graphics, but it also is Full HD 1080P which means it just doesn't get better than this! Place your order today!

40GB Version:

RRP: �299

60GB Version:


XBox 360 elite

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is the latest console from Microsoft. A built in HDMI port enables Full HD 1080p output from HD-DVD movies. A HD-DVD addon is required for HD-DVD movie playback.

RRP: �299

HD-DVD addon:

RRP: �120

XBox 360 HD-DVD addon